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Getting down from the car, i take out the gun from my pocket and shoot at the middle aged man coming towards me. He crumbles down to the floor, in a pool of blood, lifeless. I look around, people are moving in the same calm manner as before. No one has noticed anything. I proceed further.

I take out a grenade and throw it towards the grocery store. There’s a huge blast and people start running around in a state of peril and confusion. But I am not so lucky this time and a cop has noticed my activity, i see him running towards me. The fear of being apprehended makes me run. I sprint off like a dog leaving him far behind .Further ahead I stop a motorcyclist coming my way, and land a strong blow on his face making him fall off. I take his bike and head towards the bank. On my way i hit a few people, actually a lot of people. It is fun. I reach the bank, it is really crowded, but i am determined to carry out my activities as per the plan. Masquerading myself as a customer, i enter the bank and head towards the general manager standing just beside the main help desk.
Surrounded by a group of people, he has a grimace on his face. Stealthily, i move closer to him and take out a sharp edged knife .

Ready to stab, my hand moves towards his belly……..BANG…someone shoots me in the back .Turning around i see it’s a guard standing in the corner with his rifle pointed towards me. Blood gushes out rapidly, I collapse to the floor dead.
“Ahh,i am never to able to finish off this level”, i shout angrily and switch off my PlayStation .

Words to be learnt from the context given above:

1. crumbles
2. peril
3. apprehended
4. Masquerading
5. grimace
6. Stealthily

Click on the word to view their visual representation.
Note: the purpose of this post is to highlight the Contextual use of words through story writing. Words here are being used in contexts to help everyone understand usage and meaning.

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