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Mnemonic tip for Garish:

Itnachamakdhamak..grrr…dekhinahijaati garish kebadanpe!

Something more about ‘Garish’

Garish basically stands for being excessively colorful or bright. The word’s origin dates back to 1535-1545 AD. It is equivalent to obsolete ‘gaure’ which means to stare. The word has similar meanings with flainting, gaudy, ostentatious, tawdry.

Meanings of Garish:

1. Crudely or excessively colorful.
2. Glaring; dazzling.
3. Excessivelyelaborate, as buildings or writings.

Pronunciation: gair-ish


picture and mnemonic for garish

Sentence Examples for Halting:

1. If you think the picture to the left looks garish, just wait till you see the fully animated ones on the site!
2. Garish color scheme was due to the use of heat sensitive paints for the tests.
3. The nail paints came in a variety of garish colors.

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