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Basanti teaches Words
Dekho….mujhe befazool baat karne ki aadat toh hai nahin, iss liye jo bolungi dhyaan se sunanaa, bataaye deti hoon. Zyaada bolne waalon ko kya kehte hain? Haan. Haan. Bataao. Bataao. Unko kehte hain ‘Loquacious’. Ya fir ‘Garrulous.’ Waise bol toh unhe ‘talkative’ ya ‘baatuni’ bhi sakte hain. Yun ki dekhne wali baat yeh hai ke chaaron mein se kuchh bhi kaho, matlab toh wohi hai. Hai ke nahin? Bolo, samjhe?

(The only kaam ki baat in all this blabber is that
Loquacious = Garrulous = Talkative = Basanti!!! :-))

Meaning of Garrulous:

1. Given to excessive and often trivial or rambling talk; tiresomely talkative.
2. Wordy and rambling.

Pronunciation: gar-uh-luhs, gar-yuh-

Content courtesy: Jayway coaching.

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