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Something more about ‘Genuflect’

Battle of the sexes mein, jab apki apne jaanu ke saath conflict hogi, to ultimately kissi ko to sorry mangni padegi, apni knees bend karni padegi.; genuflect karna padega in a slavish manner.

On a serious note, we genuflect in churches and other religious places, in front of god. From this usage, the other usage of genuflect is common now, that is to bow down in front of someone.

Meanings of Genuflect:

1. Bend the knees and bow in church or before a religious superior or image
2. Bend the knees and bow in a servile manner

Pronunciation: jen-yoo-flekt


picture and mnemonic for genuflect

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Sentence Examples for Genuflect

1. In times of need and desperation, men genuflect in front of superior powers.
2. Life has the power to complete a full circle; those who ruled you once might be forced to genuflect in front of you some day.

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