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Current Affairs Quiz 20th November 2023

Directions for the quiz:

1. This quiz, that is the Current Affairs Quiz 20th November 2023, is meant to be a check for your learning and is meant to serve as a tool for assessment.

2. Current Affairs Quiz 20th November 2023 is designed to check your Current Affairs General Knowledge and provide you with an assessment of the same.

3. Each question in Current Affairs Quiz 20th November 2023 followed by 4 options. Select the most appropriate option for the question.

4. Before you take this quiz, we would recommend to you to go through the article,Daily Current Affairs Today 20th November 2023


Question 1:

What is the key issue in the ongoing UK-India FTA negotiations?

A) Defense cooperation
B) Information technology agreements
C) Protection of Geographical Indication (GI) products
D) Educational exchange programs

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: The main point of contention in the UK-India FTA negotiations is the level of protection for Geographical Indication (GI) products, particularly in the agricultural sector.



Question 2:

What did India’s second aid consignment to Gaza consist of?

A) Medical equipment
B) Food supplies
C) Educational materials
D) Essential supplies

Answer and Explanation

Answer: D

  • Explanation: The second batch of aid dispatched by India to Gaza included 32 tonnes of essential supplies.



Question 3:

Which G20 meeting is Russian President Vladimir Putin set to attend virtually?

A) September session
B) November 22 session
C) December end-year session
D) October pre-summit discussion

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B

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  • Explanation: Putin is scheduled to participate in a virtual G20 leaders meeting on November 22.



Question 4:

Who was elected as Argentina’s President recently?

A) Mauricio Macri
B) Alberto Fernández
C) Cristina Kirchner
D) Javier Milei

Answer and Explanation

Answer: D

  • Explanation: Javier Milei was elected as the President of Argentina.



Question 5:

Which prestigious award is President Droupadi Murmu set to confer to AFMC?

A) Veer Chakra
B) Param Vir Chakra
C) President’s Colour
D) Ashoka Chakra

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: President Droupadi Murmu is set to confer the President’s Colour to the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC).



Question 6:

Which city leads in women-led startups in India?

A) Mumbai
B) Delhi
C) Bengaluru
D) Kolkata

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: Bengaluru is at the forefront in India for women-led startups, followed by Mumbai and Delhi.



Question 7:

What recent trend has been observed in the global economy?

A) Rapid inflation in all major economies
B) Decreasing unemployment rates globally
C) Slowdown in inflation in the US and UK
D) Increase in global trade tariffs

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: Both the United States and the United Kingdom are experiencing a slowdown in inflation.



Question 8:

What significant economic milestone did India recently achieve?

A) Its GDP surpassed $5 trillion
B) It became the largest economy in Asia
C) Its GDP surpassed $4 trillion
D) It achieved the highest GDP growth rate globally

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: India’s GDP has crossed the $4 trillion mark in nominal terms.



Question 9:

What has been a recent concern in India’s inflation dynamics?

A) Urban inflation exceeding rural inflation
B) Deflation in major cities
C) Rural inflation outpacing urban inflation
D) Hyperinflation nationwide

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: Rural inflation in India has been outpacing urban inflation for 18 out of the past 22 months.



Question 10:

What decision is India likely to continue regarding its rice exports?

A) Increasing export quotas
B) Eliminating export taxes
C) Extending export bans
D) Signing new export agreements

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: India is anticipated to prolong its restrictions on overseas sales of rice into the next year.



Question 11:

What was the destination of India’s aid consignment to Gaza?

A) Rafah

B) El-Arish Airport
C) Gaza City Airport
D) Tel Aviv

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B

  • Explanation: The Indian aid consignment to Gaza was destined for the El-Arish Airport in Egypt, near the Rafah crossing into Gaza.
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