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Current Affairs Quiz 27th February 2023

Directions for the quiz:

1. This quiz, that is the Current Affairs Quiz 27th February 2023, is meant to be a check for your learning and is meant to serve as a tool for assessment.

2. Current Affairs Quiz 27th February 2023 is designed to check your Current Affairs General Knowledge and provide you with an assessment of the same.

3. Each question in Current Affairs Quiz 27th February 2023 followed by 4 options. Select the most appropriate option for the question.

4. Before you take this quiz, we would recommend to you to go through the article,Daily Current Affairs Today 27th February 2023


Question 1:

Which cricket team secured a win in the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2023?

A) England

B) Australia

C) South Africa

D) India

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B

  • Explanation: The right answer is B. The Australian women’s cricket team emerged victorious in the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 by defeating South Africa.


Question 2:

What highlights the significance of the Shivamogga airport inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Karnataka?

A) It claims the title of the largest airport in India.

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B) It has the capacity to manage 1,000 passengers every hour.

C) It marks India’s maiden spaceport.

D) It pioneers as the first airport in the region.

Answer and Explanation

Answer: D

  • Explanation: The appropriate answer is D. The Shivamogga airport, inaugurated in Karnataka by PM Modi, is significant for being the debut airport in the Shivamogga area.


Question 3:

Which individual has been accorded an extension as the Secretary of the Department of Defence?

A) Rajesh Rai

B) Aramane Giridhar

C) B.V.R. Subrahmanyam

D) Ashleigh Gardner

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B

  • Explanation: B is the correct choice. Aramane Giridhar, who currently holds the position of Secretary of the Department of Defence, has been granted an extension in his tenure.


Question 4:

What is the central theme of Exercise Desert Flag VIII in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

A) Naval warfare strategies

B) Counter-terrorism operations

C) Air force engagement techniques

D) Cybersecurity drills

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: C is the accurate answer. Exercise Desert Flag VIII, organized in the UAE, primarily emphasizes air force engagements, with the intent of knowledge dissemination and sharing of best practices among the Air Forces that are participating.
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