GK Current Affairs Quiz: June 30, 2017

GK Current Affairs Test June 2017
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Current Affairs Quiz June 30 2017

Directions for the quiz:
1. This quiz, that is the Current Affairs Quiz June 30 2017, is meant to be a check for your learning and is meant to serve as a tool for assessment.
2. Current Affairs Quiz June 30 2017 is designed to check your Current Affairs General Knowledge and provide you with an assessment of the same.
3. Each question in Current Affairs Quiz June 30 2017 followed by 4 options. Select the most appropriate option for the question.
4. Before you take this quiz, we would recommend to you to go through the article,

Daily Current Affairs Today 30 June 2017.

Question 1: Pakistan has recently banned which terror outfit?

A. Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan
B. al-Qaeda
C. Lashkar-e-Omar
D. Tehreek-eAzadi-Jammu & Kashmir

Answer and Explanation

Answer: D

Pakistan has banned terrorist Hafiz Saeed-backed outfit Tehreek-eAzadi-Jammu & Kashmir, a group that is essentially a rebranded Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), which in turn was the mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Question 2:Which Airline company has shown interest to the Government for buying Air India?

A. Jet Airways
B. Spice Jet
C. IndiGo
D. GoAir

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

Private airline IndiGo has expressed interest in buying Air India’s international business, which the government put up for disinvestment yesterday.Civil Aviation Secretary Rajiv Nayan Choubey confirmed the news. IndiGo has a 40% market share and projected profitability for nine consecutive years.

Question 3: Which Country has recently passed a bill that legalises same-sex marriage?

A. Canada
B. Germany
C. Spain
D. Italy

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B

The German Parliament has legalised same-sex marriage by passing the Bill that grants full marital rights, including child adoption, to gay and lesbian couples.

Question 4: Which Country was the top supplier in health sector to UN system in 2016 ?

A. India
B. China
D. Germany

Answer and Explanation

Answer: A

India was the main supplier in the health sector to the UN system in 2016 with total sales of over $800 million

Question 5:Which State has recently received an award of excellence at the Global Skill Development Summit ?

A. Maharashtra
B. Uttrakhand
C. Kerela
D. Rajasthan

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B

Uttarakhand was conferred with the award of excellence at the 2nd Global Skill Development Summit held in Paris recently. The award was for innovations and extensive use of IT for skilling the states youth.

Daily Current Affairs: 30 June

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