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Current Affairs Quiz 5th May 2023

Directions for the quiz:

1. This quiz, that is the Current Affairs Quiz 5th May 2023, is meant to be a check for your learning and is meant to serve as a tool for assessment.

2. Current Affairs Quiz 5th May 2023 is designed to check your Current Affairs General Knowledge and provide you with an assessment of the same.

3. Each question in Current Affairs Quiz 5th May 2023 followed by 4 options. Select the most appropriate option for the question.

4. Before you take this quiz, we would recommend to you to go through the article,Daily Current Affairs Today 5th May 2023


Question 1:

Which two banks jointly introduced the fourth edition of the G20 TechSprint competition?

A) Bank of England and RBI

B) BIS and RBI

C) BIS and Federal Reserve

D) RBI and World Bank

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B

  • Explanation: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) collaboratively launched the G20 TechSprint’s latest edition.


Question 2:

Where was the ‘Machines Can See 2023’ Summit hosted?

A) Abu Dhabi Museum

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B) Louvre Museum, Paris

C) Museum of the Future, Dubai

D) National Museum, Delhi

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: The ‘Machines Can See 2023’ Summit was hosted at the Museum of the Future in Dubai by the UAE government.


Question 3:

What is the primary focus of Microsoft’s new SMB-focused website?

A) To sell Microsoft products to SMBs

B) To bring together business owners and entrepreneurs in India

C) To provide tech support for Windows users

D) To market Microsoft’s new software launches

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B

  • Explanation: The platform titled “Microsoft for Small and Medium Businesses” aspires to unify Indian entrepreneurs and business owners, offering opportunities for networking, skill enhancement, and comprehensive growth.


Question 4:

Tori Bowie, the Olympic medalist who passed away, was a champion in which sport?

A) Swimming

B) Gymnastics

C) Boxing

D) Sprinting

Answer and Explanation

Answer: D

  • Explanation: Tori Bowie was the former 100m sprint world champion from the USA and secured multiple Olympic medals in sprinting.


Question 5:

On which date is World Portuguese Language Day celebrated?

A) July 1

B) May 5

C) June 10

D) April 21

Answer and Explanation

Answer: B

  • Explanation: World Portuguese Language Day is celebrated annually on May 5, emphasizing the significance of the Portuguese language.


Question 6:

What was the theme for World Hand Hygiene Day 2023?

A) Clean hands save lives

B) Prioritizing personal hygiene

C) Together, we can accelerate action to prevent infections and antimicrobial resistance in health care

D) Hygiene for a healthier world

Answer and Explanation

Answer: C

  • Explanation: The theme for 2023 emphasizes collective action to ensure hygiene in healthcare and prioritize patient and healthcare worker safety.


Question 7:

Buddha Purnima celebrates whose birth anniversary?

A) Lord Shiva

B) Lord Krishna

C) Lord Rama

D) Lord Gautam Buddha

Answer and Explanation

Answer: D

  • Explanation: Buddha Purnima, also known as Buddha Jayanti, commemorates the birth of Lord Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.
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