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Well, this is a kind of individual that is very common. In fact, after a certain age a majority of men come in this category. This is the category of the BALD, things/men/people without any hair and exhibiting shiny surfaces.

(Glabrous is derived from the Latin Root Glabr-, meaning bald).

The dictionary definitions for GLABROUS are as follows:
1. Having no hairs, projections, or pubescence; smooth: a glabrous scalp; glabrous leaves. (adjective)

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Usage Examples for GLABROUS:
1. Everyone’s favorite glabrous, middle-brow, populist television commentator, Harsha Bhogle is back for this world cup.
2. To be glabrous is school can be quite a fashion or a nightmare, depending upon your ability to carry off the bald look.

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