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Preparing for GRE? Want to prepare with Wordpandit for GRE? We offer you the best resources for GRE preparation that include special Visual Vocabulary resources, Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence Tests, GRE Vocab Flashcards, Blogs and a lot more. What are you waiting for? Start preparing for GRE with us, for free!

Start Learning with our super-special GRE sections:

What is the GRE exam all about?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test conducted by ETS. With the help of this test, students can take admission to graduate schools across the globe. In terms of skills, the exam tests and evaluates on namely three areas:

  • Verbal Reasoning: This GRE section, driven by your ability to establish meaningful relationships and process written material, tests you on a variety of skills. You need to have strong comprehension skills coupled with a strong command over vocabulary to do well in this section. The main topics in this section are reading comprehension, sentence equivalence and text completion. The last two GRE Verbal topics are essentially vocabulary topics.
  • Analytical Writing: This section of GRE tests your writing ability and critical thinking skills. You need to able to articulate your ideas clearly and display cogent reasoning in your written material.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: This GRE section essentially tests your problem-solving skills and features questions on basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis

Who takes the GRE exam?

The GRE general test is taken by students who are seeking admissions to the following courses and programmes:

  • Master’s degree in various courses
  • MBA and specialized master’s in business
  • Doctoral degree

Apart from the GRE general test, GRE also has subject tests. These tests are primarily for those students who wish to stand out from other applicants and display their knowledge in specific subjects. Also, these subject tests are a requirement for admissions into certain specific courses. Currently, GRE subject tests are conducted for the following subjects: Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.


How do we help with your with GRE Prep?

Well, this is the most important question, right? We provide multiple resources that you can use for your GRE preparation. Let’s highlight these one at a time:

  1. GRE Verbal Reasoning Tests: We have Verbal Reasoning tests that you can use as practice material for
  2. GRE Quantitative Reasoning: Our Aptitude and Mathematics sections provide vital concept notes and practice questions that you can use for your GRE preparation.
  3. GRE Vocabulary Resources: Do we even to describe the Vocabulary resources we have to offer your GRE preparation? We are the most extensive free resource for vocabulary preparation and you can use our multiple sections to boost your word power.
  4. GRE Daily Prep Plan: We have a free 120-day course running for GRE preparation. You can use this course to consume material on a daily basis. Remember, this course is absolutely free of cost.
  5. GRE High Frequency Words: We have a special section for high-frequency words that appear in the GRE exam. You can use these resources to
  6. GRE Question a Day: Solve a question every day with us and learn important tips and tricks for the exam.
  7. GRE Blogs and Articles: To top it all, we will keep putting up GRE strategy articles and blogs that you can use for your exam preparation.

This is an exhaustive resource bank, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Start your GRE preparation with Wordpandit now!

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