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greek root words
Greek Root Words: Greek Root Words have contributed to the English language enormously. Greek Root Words can be found in English in the form of adjective, adverb, noun, verb and what not! Even many famous English names are actually Greek Root Words. You may have heard the name of Andy Cole (Footballer), Andy Murray (Tennis Player), Andy Milonakis (Actor) and may be another hundred named Andy, but ‘Andy’ is one of many common names which are actually Greek Root Words.

Word Roots Complete List

Greek Root Words and Different words made from them

The following is the list of 30 commonly used Greek Roots along with their meanings and the different words made from these Greek Root Words:

1. Greek Root: anthrop
Meaning: human
Root Words: Anthropology, Misanthrope, Philanthrophy

2. Greek Root: aqu
Meaning: water
Root Words: Aquarium, Aquatic, Aquiferous

3. Greek Root: anti
Meaning: opposing
Root Words: antithesis, antibiotic, antidote

4. Greek Root: bio
Meaning: life
Root Words: biographical, biography, biohazard

5. Greek Root : biblio
Meaning: book
Root Words: bibliography, bibliomania, biblioklept

6. Greek Root: byss
Meaning: Bottom
Root Words: abyss, abyssopelagic, hypabyssal

7. Greek Root: chrome
Meaning: colour
Root Words: chromatic, chrome, chromium

8. Greek Root: cosm
Meaning: universe
Root Words: cosmology, cosmonaut, cosmopolitan

9. Greek Root: cylind
Meaning: roll
Root Words: cylinder, cylindroma, pseudocylindric

10. Greek Root: doc
Meaning: teach
Root Words: docile, document, doctrine

11. Greek Root: dyna
Meaning: power
Root Words: dynamic, aerodynamics, dynasty

12. Greek Root: dem
Meaning: people
Root Words: demography, demagogue, democracy

13. Greek Root: exo
Meaning: outside
Root Words: exotic, exosphere, exosome

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14. Greek Root: eur
Meaning: wide
Root Words: aneurysm, Europe, eurypterid, microaneurysm

15. Greek Root: eth
Meaning: custom habit
Root Words: ethics, ethology, ethos

16. Greek Root: gam
Meaning: marriage
Root Words: gamete, monogamy, polygamy

17. Greek Root: geo
Meaning: earth
Root Words: geology, geography, geothermal

18. Greek Root: gno
Meaning: know
Root Words: agnosia, agnostic, gnomic

19. Greek Root: gram
Meaning: letter
Root Words: grammar, anagram, hologram

20. Greek Root: hemi
Meaning: partial
Root Words: hemisphere, hemicycle, hemitonic

21. Greek Root: hemer
Meaning: tame
Root Words: hemeroby, hemerochora, hemerophile

22. Greek Root: hero
Meaning: hero
Root Words: heroic, heroine, heroism

23. Greek Root: hydr
Meaning: water
Root Words: dehydration, hydroelectricity, hydrae

24. Greek Root : klept
Meaning: steal
Root Words: kleptomania, kleptophobia, kleptocracy

25. Greek Root: melan
Meaning: dark, black
Root Words: melancholy, melanin, melatonin

26. Greek Root: narc
Meaning: numb
Root Words: narcos, narcotic, narcolepsy

27. Greek Root: od
Meaning: path, way
Root Words: parodos, anode, diode

28. Greek Root: rhe
Meaning: flow
Root Words: rheology, diarrhoea, rhythm

29. Greek Root: strat
Meaning: army
Root Words: stratocracy, stratonic, strategy

30. Greek Root: schem
Meaning: plan
Root Words: schema, schematic, schematize, scheme

Word Roots Complete List

How should you learn using Greek Roots?
The best way to build your vocabulary is by recognizing the common Greek Roots. This helps you to have a rich repository of words. Also you can always make an educated guess with the help of Greek Roots when you encounter unknown Greek Root words.

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