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(The difference in spelling depends on the version of English you adopt: Single L is American and Double L is British)

To gruel is to go through the hard laps, toil hard and spend every ounce of your energy to the point where one might end up exhausted and without an ounce of energy. Working in factories, on construction sites or as daily wage laborers: these are some grueling activities.

Dictionary definition for gruelling:
1. Physically or mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion.

There are a few words that can be learned from this paragraph:
1. Contemplating: To think deeply about something.
2. Candid: Being absolutely frank and honest about something. We seldom find such personalities in our life.
3. Junket: A junket is a journey taken for pleasure.

The following is an extract from The Times of India used for educational purposes:  ‘Continually caught up in urgent distractions, Indian politicians don’t spend nearly as much time as they should contemplating important policy issues. A good way to stimulate it, and greater appreciation of current international policy debates, is to encourage participation in serious academic forums. One such is the annual India Parliamentary Leadership Programme at Yale University, co-developed with Ficci. Involving days of gruelling research-backed presentations by some of the best academics in the world, and the kind of candid discussions that can only happen away from the spotlight, it is about as far from the typical junket abroad as possible..’

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