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HinglishMnemonic tip for Guile:

GUILE: Pyaar wali Gaali!
Guile se Baat Karoge to matlab chalaki se, fox ke taranh!
Gaali doge bhi to bhi pata nahi chalega!

Something more about ‘Guile’

The word guile dates back to 1175 to 1225 AD meaning clever or cunning character. It is basically tricking someone to attain a goal.

Meanings of Guile:

1. Clever or crafty character,
2. Cunning,

Pronunciation: gahyl


picture and mnemonic for guile

Sentence Examples for Guile:

1. You have to use guile to find out what’s actually going on.
2. It was his guile which saved him from every scandal.
3. Although he was weak, he used his experience and guile to defeat his opponent.

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