The guy in this ad is the FALL GUY. How many of us have friends like there? Most of us do someone or the other who does the kind of job these guys did: play a fast one on someone we know.

What is the guy who is tricked and deceived in the video called?

He is a GULL, someone who is easily tricked or cheated.

From the word gull comes the word gullible, an adjective meaning ‘naive and easily deceived or tricked’.

Dictionary Definitions for Gull:

1. A person who is easily tricked or cheated; a dupe. (noun)

2. To deceive or cheat. (verb)

Usage Examples for Gull:

1. John is one the most gullible characters in the world: anyone can make a fool out of him.

2. To gull someone out of his money is not an honourable act at all.

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