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Hello all dilwale  users, I’m sure you look forward to delve into this post!

Well, this post is for all of you with a big ‘dil/heart’ and zest for life and a craving for knowledge and the theme for this article are the words with a heart or ‘dil’ as you might call it of their own. The mnemonics for these words are related to the word ‘dil/heart’and are built in such a way that it easy to you to learn and remember them.

Peccadillo- Peck +a +Dill..oh
Johnny’s been a bad boy for pecking on the dil of  sweet girls.
Well, it’s a minor fault and a little sin; but we can forgive the little devil, can’t we?
That’s exactly what peccadillo means- A minor fault or sin, a trifling matter.
mnemonic and picture for peccadillo

Dilemma: Dil +Emma

If one has Emma Watson in his ‘Dil’ ,then its bound to create a confusing situation. Listen to the dil or the dimaag?
Dilemma means a perplexing and a baffling problem or situation and I personally believe that’s quite a sticky wicket to be playing on.

mnemonic tip for dilemma

Dilettante: Dil +ke +ttante
A person jiska dil roz naya tanta(whim, fancy) kare is in short called a dilettante.
Now if someone starts to fancy being a cricketer yet doesn’t even know to handle a bat.. he is surely a dilettante and its his new ‘tanta’ to grab eyeballs

mnemonic tip for diltettante

Dilapidated: Dil+dated
Every dil comes with an expiry date .ab jis dil ki date nikal chuki ho uska to bhagwan hi rakhvala hai!
A dil long past its expiry date is dilapidated beyond recognition.
Its ruined and decaying..May god have mercy!

mnemonic tip for dilapidated

Dilatory: Dil+ late
Dil ki baat jab delay ya late ki jae to vo dilatory kehalaati hai.
A guy so shy, for her he used to cry ,but never did try to say what he felt..
In the end he had to say bye bye! Sad ,huh?
Dilatory attitude or procrastination never leads to a happy ending !
Picture for Dilatory

Dillydally: Dil+ daily
Jo log roz roz apna dil kisi ko bhi roz roz dete hain vo apna and doosron ka time waste karte hain.
A person with a new crush everyday is definitely indecisive and wastes time and that’s what dillydally means exactly!

mnemonic for dilly-dally

Concept Behind this Blog: This blog has been built with the aim of highlighting theme based mnemonics. For example, the word ‘dil’, which means heart in English. We use this as a simple association in the above words and have come up with easy to remember taglines for these words. Read the post and learn all the words related to the concept of ‘heart/dil’.

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