Hinglish Mnemonic tip for Halting:

Snail ki taranh slow-slow ruk ruk ke chalne ko halting bolte hain!

Something more about ‘Halting’

The word halting means to cause to stop temporarily or permanently. Its origin dates back to 1375-1425 AD.

Meanings of Halting:

1. Hesitant or wavering.
2. Imperfect; defective.
3. Limping; lame.

Pronunciation: hawl-ting


picture and mnemonic for halting

Sentence Examples for Halting:

1. Halting progress in India is because of several factors, including bad roads and electricity in the rural areas that hamper rural computer use.
2. The train had various unnecessary halts which resulted in its late arrival.
3. After scoring a single digit score for four consecutive matches in a series, Ganguly’s career came to a halt when the selector’s made him sit on the bench for an entire test series.

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