Mnemonic tip for Haphazard:

Hai sab hazard! Jab sab ultapulta ho,
Splashed around ho, usko haphazard boltehain!

Something more about ‘Haphazard’

The word haphazard is a combination of two words hap + hazard. The word ‘hap’ means luck or chance and the word ‘hazard’ means danger or risk. This word dates back to the year 1573.

Meanings of Haphazard:

1. Done in an unsystematic or unorganized way,
2. Mere chance or by accident.

Pronunciation: hap•haz•ard


picture and mnemonic for haphazard

Sentence Examples for haphazard:

1. The preparation for the competition was done haphazardly which was clearly visible in the performance.
2. The book was written in a haphazardly manner with no link between the two events.
3. If you really want to grow and develop as a person it takes more than just setting goals haphazardly.

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