Something more about ‘Harakiri’


Something a Gujrati might say when she sees someone who has committed suicide! *(a rough approximation at best)

Hara-kiri was a practice in ancient Japan, where a warrior killed himself, when he was disgraced or he had lost to the enemy. The death actually took place by piercing a sword through one’s stomach and literally taking out one’s bowels. That is a bit gruesome, isn’t it?

Meanings of Hara-kiri:

1. Ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword; practised by samurai in the traditional Japanese society

Pronunciation: hahr-uh-keer-ee, har-uh-, har-ee-


picture and mnemonic for harakiri

Sentence Examples for Harakiri:

1. To sit for an exam, without any preparation, is actually committing hara-kiri.
2. In ancient Japan, people used to prefer hara-kiri than dying at the hands of their enemy.

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