A haven is a place or a form of shelter where protection and safety is taken care of. As candidly quoted here, going by the recent events, nobody has a safe haven in Pakistan, not even Osama Bin Laden. Do not confuse haven with tavern: even though they both may offer a safe place from reality at the end of the day!

Dictionary carries the following definitions of Haven:
1. A harbour or port.
2. Any place of shelter and safety such as a refuge or asylum.

Master tips for haven:
Haven is sounds and is spelled a lot like heaven, a beautiful place where there is no fear and one is under complete safety and protection. Alternatively you can also remember the word by rhyming it with tavern, which is after a tiresome day or stressed out work : a safe place to relax.

Usage examples for Haven:
1. Mexico is a haven for drug mafia.
2. Swiss banks are the easiest haven for corrupt politicians.

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