picture for hearkenHearken(verb) describes the act of giving careful heed to someone. It is not just listening but rather hearing in a way that is reverential. It is always better to hearken than to raffishly hear things as it helps you interpret better.

Pronunciation: haar-kun

Meanings of Hearken

1. To hear with intent.
2. Seek information.
3. To devolve to an earlier topic.

Origin of Hearken

Hearken is educed from middle English word ‘herknen’ which is further obtained from the old English word ‘heorcnian’ a post fixed form of ‘heorcian’. The old English hīeran means ‘to hear’ and cognates to the old high German word hōrechen .

Master’s Tip to Learn Hearken

During everyday classes we often see students who listen to lectures absent mindedly and are left with blank faces when asked for answers. It is therefore an earnest advice that hearken the lectures and do the same for other things in life so that one is always adept and braced up for gainsays.

Sentence examples for Hearken:

1. John learnt so much on hearkening to the lecture that he felt like Sherlock Holmes while answering the questions of his teacher.
2. Everything around us tells a story, we just need to hearken.
3. Some think tat terrorism is no longer a threat after Osama’s death, they just need to hearken to recent news of bombings.

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