Hegemony implies the dominancy of one social group or nation over others. As illustrated, USA is the “Big Daddy” of all nations and inflicts its utmost dominancy upon others.

The origin of this word can be traced back to Greek hēgemonia authority, where hēgemōn meant leader, and  hēgeisthai meant to lead.

Dictionary carries the following definitions of Hegemony:
1. The predominant influence, as of a state, region, or group, over another or others.
2. Ascendancy or domination of one power or state within a league, confederation, etc., or of one social class over others.

Master tips for hegemony:
Hegemony can be taken as huge money, so naturally a person who has huge amounts of money will more dominant over others. A more political way to remember it would be breaking the word down to he-Germany, because Germany’ s dominance of Holland was one of the numerous causes of the World War II.

Usage of Hegemony:
1. Nothing much seemed to dent this vision of corporate hegemony squeezing out all but the most profitable trash.
2. By outsourcing cheap labour from developing countries, McDonalds developed hegemony over the fast food business.

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