What is the ‘Contextual Vocabulary’ section?

How do we use words? We use them in writing and conversation, these are the two uses of any subject’s vocabulary. ‘Contextual Vocabulary’, that is exploring the meanings of words in the contexts they appear, is one of the most used methods for learning Words, and we use it here. In this section, you would find simple dialogues that would explain the usage of the word (and these dialogues would be in Hinglish of course). With the help of these dialogues, you should be able to learn the words easily.

We have an all-English version of the same running on Wordpandit. You can access that here:

Contextual Vocabulary @ Wordpandit

The alphabetical index for all the words in this section is given below


“Complete Index of Words”

[index-that cat=”Hinglish-Contextual Vocabulary” col=”4″ perpg=”100″ sort=”post_title”]

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