What is the ‘Mnemonic Tips’ section?

The best way of learning words is the simple one of associating them something or someone. This section is based on this simple yet logical concept: we relate words absolutely anything we can. The mnemonics in this section are ‘Hindi-based’, and since we believe the best possible learning takes place in one’s mother tongue, this section makes a lot of sense. Explore the different words in this section and grab a feel of the section.

We have an all-English version of the same running on Wordpandit. You can access that here:

Mnemonics @ Wordpandit

The alphabetical index for all the words in this section is given below


“Complete Index of Words”

[index-that cat=”Hinglish-Mnemonic Aids” col=”5″ perpg=”200″ sort=”post_title”]

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