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Definition & Meaning: Homo Word Root

Root Words are the building blocks of a word. Do you know what is common among the following words: homogeneous, homophobe, homogeny? The answer is: Homo Root Word.

The word root ‘homo’ comes from the Greek word homos, which means ‘Same’. For instance, the word homogeneous means of the same kind. Similarly, homophobe means someone who has a prejudice or hatred for a homosexual person. The word homogeny, made from the homo root word, means state of being all the same. So remember this root word homo as same and learn the different words based on the same root here:

Example Sentence: Generally, particles belonging to a single atom show homogeneous traits.

Diagram showing words derived from the Homo root word with their meanings.

Words Based on the Homo Word Root

Commonly Used Words Based on the Homo Word Root:

  • Homologous: things that are similar in structure or function indicating of having a common origin
  • Homonym: words that are pronounced or spelled the same way but have different meanings
  • Homogamy: the mating of like with like
  • Homosexual: sexually attracted to people of the ‘same’ sex
  • Homophones: two words having ‘same’ pronunciation but different meanings

Archaic Words Based on the Homo Word Root:

  • Bonhomie: a feeling of friendliness among a group of people
  • Homodemic: people of ‘same’ race
  • Homodox: of ‘same’ opinion

Technical Words/Jargon Based on the Homo Word Root:

  • Homobaric: of ‘same’ weight
  • Homoatomic: considering ‘like/same’ atoms
  • Homocentric: having ‘same’ centre
  • Homochromous: being of just ‘one’ colour
  • Homoglot: having the ‘same’ language
  • Homolateral: on or affecting the ‘same’ side of the body
  • Homomalous: applied to leaves or branches that turn in the ‘same’ direction

Related Word Roots

Here are some related word roots that carry similar meanings:

1. Iso- (Greek: ‘equal’):

  • Isometric: Having equal dimensions
  • Isosceles: Having two sides of equal length

2. Equi- (Latin: ‘equal’):

  • Equilibrium: A state of balance
  • Equitable: Fair and impartial

3. Simil-/Simul- (Latin: ‘same, likeness’):

  • Similar: Resembling without being identical
  • Simulate: Imitate the appearance or character of

We hope this Root Word Homo will help you remember and learn a lot of words. Also, whenever you come across a word with this Homo Root Word you should understand that it is related to being similar or same.

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