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Meaning, Sentences, Synonyms and Antonyms for Hoodwink

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If only all cars had this ability: to bamboozle and hoodwink even the ‘reaper’ (read symbol of death).
If they had, we would have escaped all nasty accidents.

The word ‘hoodwink’ has a certain feel about it? In fact, you can break it down into two words: hood (a headdress that protects the head and face) and wink (a reflex that closes and opens the eyes rapidly).
In fact, if you look at the meaning of the word, you can see that there is a connection to these two words. Imagine you are wearing a hood to deceive others.

Pronunciation: hood-wingk

Meaning of Hoodwink:

1. To deceive or get the better of (someone) by trickery, flattery, or the like; humbug.
2. To perplex; mystify; confound.

Example Sentences for Hoodwink

1. He came up with that elaborate story just to hoodwink the authorities.
2. The objective of his servility was very simple: to hoodwink his boss into believing that he had changed as a person.
3. Kids often try to hoodwink their parents by coming up with all kinds of excuses.

Synonyms of Hoodwink

bamboozle, beguile, delude, dupe, fake out, fool, deceive, misguide, misinform, mislead, trick

Antonyms of Hoodwink

debunk, expose, reveal, show up, uncloak, uncover, unmask

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