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Pronunciation: hi-ster-ee-uh, –steer

Have a look at the video below:

Well, this is what ROCK BANDS cause: HYSTERIA.
They have a mad mad following and they generate a mad mad response (feels great to be a part of it).

The dictionary definitions for Hysteria are as follows:
1. (Psychiatry) a mental disorder characterized by emotional outbursts, susceptibility to autosuggestion, and, often, symptoms such as paralysis that mimic the effects of physical disorders
2. any frenzied emotional state, esp of laughter or crying

Usage examples for Hysteria:
1. When she suffers fainting spells, her superiors criticize what they call her hysteria and give her a whip for self-flagellation.
2. You’re going to feel very silly when this man-made global climate hysteria is proven out to be based on no scientific data.

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