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I do not have an inverter or a UPS or any other battery backup .I just don’t need one. Some people might call me parsimonious .But I don’t think it is so. I have evidence to the contrary. Recently i  bought a car and that too an expensive one. And i never buy shoddy and cheap  goods. And i regularly waste money on watching new Bollywood movies with the same old stories. But i won’t buy an inverter, and there is a reason behind it.
Life was beautiful without power -backups, in the evenings i mean! Everyone used to come out, sit around in groups, chat-chat face to face, discussing the day’s events and complaining about power cuts, not faking anything ,unlike online chat rooms. Children used to run around ,the bigger ones trying to frighten the younger one and making the lachrymose ones weep by making freaky devilish sounds. And the best part-the chasing of fireflies. It was a great time of my life , nothing will be able to efface it from my memory. That was a life lived out in the open, without any inverter or power ups.

But times have changed now.Really changed. power backups are actually a killjoy for someone like me.Whenever there is a power cut, i go and sit outside. Reminiscing, i think of  my childhood days, hoping the good old days would return once more. But no  one  comes out .The streets and society compounds are deserted and silent ,because people are busy doing their tasks,watching television, playing video games, most of them are online on Facebook and other websites, like you right now. There are no kids, running around or shouting, afraid of the dark; what we have is an extra abundance of light all around. And fireflies-only God knows where have they gone, maybe they have been blinded by the light all around them.

Words to be learn from the story above:

  1. parsimonious
  2. shoddy
  3. lachrymose
  4. efface
  5. killjoy
  6. Reminiscing

Click on the word to view its visual representation.

Note: the purpose of this post is to highlight the Contextual use of words through story writing. Words here are being used in contexts to help everyone understand usage and meaning.

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