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Recently we celebrated Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to our mothers. Our relationship with our mothers is one of the most special and sacrosanct one’s. In terms of someone being the highest point of our life, our mother is at the zenith of our existence. Her embrace is the most sacred haven available to us. We can simply say that our relationship with our mothers is immutable.

Against this backdrop is set the day, the day we all label as ‘Mother’s Day’. This fad of celebrating Mother’s Day has picked up in an astounding way in our country in the recent years, leading to an unmindful commercialization of the event. There are a plethora of Mother’s Day gift offers trying to allure the customer/child in various forms and with various appeals. Add to this the multitude of updates on the ever-so-ubiquitous social networking sites that almost seem to intrude into our lives. As a matter of fact, most of our mothers would be oblivious of the existence of these sites. What most of this brouhaha amounts is nothing else but gesticulations and the impact of these on our mothers is not that hard to apprehend, is it? Well, after all she is our mother and who knows us better than her.

In my opinion, as children, we all have an obligation towards our mothers: one of making them feel special every single day. However, if we really want to follow the cult and observe Mother’s Day then, here are a few tips: cook her favorite dish, gift her something she is fond of, refurbish her room, take her through your childhood photo album which would be in a way reminiscences of golden old days. These are the moments our mothers will covet forever and these are very moments our mothers crave for. Make sure you lend them these moments, and that to with the kind of selflessness they raise us with.

Words to be learnt from the context given above:
1. zenith
2. embrace
3. haven
4. immutable.
5. astounding
6. plethora
7. multitude
8. ubiquitous
9. oblivious
11. apprehend
12. refurbish
13. reminiscences
14. covet

Click on the word to view its visual representation.

This post is an awesome contribution by one of our users : Punya Pullakita

We would really appreciate if more users wish to contribute to this section. The purpose of this post is to help users with the contextual usage of words. The articles/stories written are done so with such a mindset.

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