IBPS reasoning model paper: IBPS reasoning model paper to help you prepare for the exam

With the help of IBPS reasoning model paper you can get an exact feel of the exam in terms of the exam pattern and difficulty level of the reasoning section. While we help you understand both -exam pattern and syllabus of the IBPS Exam as you read on, you can gauge the difficulty level as you solve the practice exercises. Basically, the IBPS Exam is conducted in two phases- Preliminary and Mains Exam. You need to clear Preliminary Exam to take the Mains Exam and clear the Mains Exam to be eligible for the interview. Now, the Preliminary Exam requires you to solve 35 questions in 20 minutes and Mains Exam requires you to solve 50 questions in 45 minutes. Another point to note while we discuss the IBPS reasoning model paper is that in the Mains Exam, Reasoning Ability is clubbed with Computer Aptitude. Start solving the problems in the levels to cover the syllabus and get a fair idea of the difficulty level.

Directions for the question set:
On a certain day six passengers from Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai boarded the Noida bound Shatabadi Express from Tata Nagar. The following facts are known about these six passengers:
• The persons from Pune and Ahmedabad are less than 36 years of age.
• Person Z, the youngest among all is a Teacher.
• The oldest person is from Chennai and his/her profession is same as that of the person who got down at Punjab.
• The persons from Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Kolkata got down at four different stations. The eldest among these four got down at Kochi and the youngest at Sarangpur. Among these four, the person who got down at Noida is older than the person who got down at Punjab.
• The Scientist from Jaipur is older than the Scientist from Ahmedabad.
• While arranging the Engineers in increasing order of age it was observed that the middle person is as old as the Scientist from Ahmedabad.
• Person Y who got down at Punjab is less than 34 years old.
• The Engineer from Pune is four years older than the 31 year old Teacher who is not from Kolkata.
• In the past, three of the travellers have served in the Indian Army.

Question 1: If W is neither the youngest nor the oldest among the travellers from her profession, which of the following is true about her?
A. She got down at Kochi.
B. She is 36 years old.
C. She got down at Punjab.
D. She is from Pune.
E. None of the above

Question 2: Which of the following options is true?
A. The person from Ahmedabad is older than the person from Pune.
B. The oldest Engineer is from Kolkata.
C. The person from Kolkata is older than at least one of the Scientists.
D. The person from Pune got down at Punjab, and was a Scientist.
E. The person who got down at Noida is older than Y, who in turn is older than the person from Mumbai.

Question 3: All six travellers are working in the same organization for at least one year. The organization recruits two categories of employees – fresh graduates and those who have at least five years of experience in the Indian Army. In both cases a new recruit should be less than 30 years of age. Among the travellers from same profession, those with military background are at least five years older than the travellers who joined as fresh graduates. Identify the travellers who may have joined the organization as a fresh graduate(s):
A. Only Y
B. The person Y and the traveller from Ahmedabad.
C. The person Y and the travellers from Pune and Mumbai.
D. The travellers from Pune and Mumbai.
E. The Engineer from Kolkata, the traveller from Pune and the younger Scientist.

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Common solution for the set: Look at the 6th clue, it says that the middle person when engineers are arranged in increasing order. This implies that there is a single middle person and this is possible only when the no. of engineers is odd and greater than 1 like 3,5 or 7. Now, since the 5th clue says that there are two scientists as well and the total no. of people are 6, the no of engineers can only be 3. So there are 2 Scientists, 3 Engineers and 1 Teacher among the passengers.

From the third statement, we can say that the person from Chennai and the one who gets down at Punjab are Engineers. Now, passengers from Jaipur and Ahmedabad are Scientists, those from Chennai and Pune are Engineers, and the Teacher is not from Kolkata. Hence the only choice is Mumbai left for the teacher. So, the Teacher must be from Mumbai. Now look at the implied clue in statement 4, it says the person who got down at Punjab among these four, this clearly implies that the person who got down at Punjab, an engineer must be from among these 4 states. Since all Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Mumbai already have one passenger each, hence the engineer who got down at Punjab must be from Kolkata only.

From the fourth statement, we can say that the youngest passenger, who is the Teacher, gets down at Sarangpur. Now again from statement 4, since person from Mumbai was teacher so the person was youngest and who got down at Jaipur, an engineer was from Kolkata. Hence from the remaining two scientists from Ahmedabad and Jaipur one has to be the oldest. From clue 5, it becomes obvious that scientist from Jaipur is the oldest and this person will be the one who got down at Kochi. Now the only other older person will be the scientist from Ahmedabad and that person should get down at Noida (as Teacher is the youngest, hence only choice who is older than Punjab engineer would be scientist from Ahmedabad as the oldest belongs to Kochi hence cannot belong to Noida) Now, the Engineer from Pune, who is 35 years old, is as old as the Scientist from Ahmedabad.

Now, among the persons from Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Kolkata, the person from Jaipur is the oldest. The conclusions can be tabulated as shown below:

Answers 1: (D) W must be an Engineer since neither oldest nor youngest can be defined for engineers (3 in number). She is from Pune and is 35 years old. The correct option is (D).

Answer 2 : (E) The person who got down at Noida is older than Y, who in turn is older than the person from Mumbai. The correct option is (E).

Answer 3: (E) The engineer from Kolkata and the traveller from Pune can both be less than 5 years in age from the oldest engineer (> 35 years of age). Similar is true for younger scientist as well Hence the answer is Engineer is from Kolkata, the traveller is from Pune and the younger Scientist. The correct option is (E).

Extra tips for IBPS reasoning model paper:
• It is very important to develop a strategy or an attempt plan while you solve IBPS reasoning model papers that you can adopt in the exam.
• Analyze the solutions of all the model papers/individual problems you encounter to do an in-depth analysis of the topics.
• Make notes while you learn theory and use these notes while solving the IBPS reasoning model papers.

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