Impact of Words

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Wordpandit is a vocabulary website, and we recommend you should learn words. As simple as that.
But wait. Why should you accept our advice?

In this article, we try to answer this one very important question: what is the impact of vocabulary on your professional life?

Students who are preparing for entrance exams such as CAT/GRE/GMAT/SAT etc. have an easy answer ready, when they are posed the question above. They learn words as it is part of their curriculum. To a certain extent, school-kids have the same answer to the question above: they learn words as it helps them with their academic learning.

But the question before us is a broader one. Why should any person, say a 27 year old working professional, learn words?  Other than intangible benefits, such as increased comprehension and understanding, enhanced vocabulary for communication, and supposedly better academic performance, is there any other benefit of learning words? After all, learning words is an inexact science.

Well, we have an answer for that question for you.  Johnson O’Connor , an American psychometric researcher, and educator, worked in the field of assessing the impact of vocabulary on people’s lives. He has drawn an amazing number of conclusions and results from these experiments that he performed over a period of 20 years. His researched focused on observing successful people in different walks of life, he tried to figure out co-relations between factors such as gender, age, scholarship and vocabulary levels. Testing a diverse and varied sample set, covering every possible kind of participants, he reached one final conclusion: a person’s vocabulary level has a deep co-relation with the occupational success of a person, and higher the vocabulary levels, greater the levels achieved.

Surprised? Have a look at the results of study made with managers in 39 manufacturing companies. The following image showcases the results of an extensive vocabulary test, and highlights the average percentage scores obtained by a particular hierarchical level:

Well, keeping the above in mind, we think we are on the right path of enriching the vocabulary of our users. We offer two tools for the same. The first tool is the one you are using right now, and hope our collection of vocabulary posts and articles provides enough material for you to buzz your brain cells.

Happy learning and hope you have discovered another reason to learn words today.

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