Picture for ImplacableSometimes it is so difficult to pacify dogs when they see food and sometimes it is difficult to calm down a child when he/she is hungry. And, that is exactly what we call an implacable dog and child. This adjective is used to refer to these situations where peace cannot be found.

Origin: Its first known usage dates back to 15th century and it is a Middle English word. It seems to have originated form im and pacable. Im is a variant of in, used before b, m, p and placable means someone who can be pacified and someone who is forgiving.

Pronunciation: im-plak-uh-buhl, -pley-kuh-

Meanings of Implacable

1) Someone who cannot be soothed or pacified
2) Someone who is inexorable .i.e. whose mind cannot be changed /relentless
3) Stubborn

Master’s tip to learn implacable

Implacable can be learnt by associating it with yourself in a situation where you have been totally stubborn about achieving something in your life or completely unsettled after going through something traumatic.

Sentence examples for Implacable

1) He is my implacable enemy. (Adjective)
2) Implacability/Implacableness of his mind has always made him vulnerable to external influences. (Noun)
3) I am an implacable woman. (Adjective)
4) He implacably implemented everything in his organisation only to be fired in the end. (Adverb)

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