picture for impresarioImpresario is a person who organizes public events, or a sponsor who books and stages public entertainments. He is the not quite the show-stopper by one who helps the showman pulls it all off.

Pronunciation: im-pruh-sahr-ee-oh, -sair-

Meanings of Impresario:

1. One who sponsors or produces entertainment
2. A manager; a producer.
3. The director or manager of an opera, ballet, or other performing company
4. Someone who engages a person or company for performances.

Master’s Tip to learn Impresario:

The word impresario has Italian lineage and basically meant ‘an undertaker (of a business)’ in Italian.
What does an undertaker do? Well, he undertakes everything, doesn’t he? He manages it all, the whole show.

Sentence examples for Impresario:

1. These were performed in St Petersburg in 1909 and heard by the impresario Sergei Diaghilev
2. The show was owned by at which was owned by theatrical impresario low grade.
3. “I’m certainly a kind of impresario of sorts, a lobbyist, a community planner, a leader.” -The Wall Street Journal: At The Helm of Burning Man

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