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Picture for incapacitatedMaster’s Tip to Learn Incapacitated

No capacity what so ever!
Incapacitated is an adjective that describes a state where you don’t have the capacity, or ability, to accomplish anything. When someone becomes incapacitated, illness or injury is usually to blame. This adjective is often used in the same manner as disabled. Incapacitated can also mean “ineligible.” For instance, if you are too old to join the army, then your age makes you incapacitated from serving in the army.


Context Usage

St. Petersburg May Grant Rights to Unmarried Partners – NBC Miami
If approved, couples will have the right to make decisions on behalf of any partner if they are incapacitated, will be able to notify family members, become guardians of estates and direct burials, the Times said.

Meanings of Incapacitated

1. Unable to act or respond
2. Lacking in or deprived or strength or power
3. To make legally ineligible ,disqualify

Master’s Tip to Learn Incapacitated

This word can be learnt easily by relating to real life situations.Remember the times when you have been sick and unable to get out of the bed for weeks. This is the situation where you have been ‘incapacitated’.

Sentence examples for Incapacitated:

1. We can be temporarily incapacitated by drug overdose, mental illness, an alcoholic binge, treatable physical illness or injury.
2. In special circumstances, such as sickness or disability, a pension may be paid early if the employee is permanently incapacitated.
3. Due to the lack of required documents ,he was incapacitated from applying for the job interview.

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