Incredible Indians

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It’s been more than 60 years since India’s independence. But we seem to be stuck in a predicament really hard to get out of.The rich have become richer, the poor still at the same place, only much greater in number now. Many blame this sorry state on the indolent and corrupt attitude of the administration.Others say the population of the country is too much.

But one major reason is the recalcitrant nature of the people, the unwillingness to accept their mistakes and any change in the society. We are really not good at such stuff. But we are really good at some things- copying from others, criticizing others and fighting with others. Be it movies, tv-shows, culture, lifestlye, we can copy anything and label it original. The next thing we excel is at criticizing others, especially the administration. According to a recent study, every Indian spends an average of 7 hours a week in blaming the government and his fellow citizens for the country ’s terrible condition and the rising prices.

Next comes the thing we are the best at-fighting. The pugnacious nature of the people is responsible for everyday skirmishes seen at traffic jams , grocery shops , movie halls , academic institutions that sometimes turn nasty resulting into heinous crimes .

So to conclude, we cannot actually progress until we tackle these issues ,and understand the importance of cooperation and individual contribution in shaping the society Then only we can remove all these things acting as a bridle in the way of the equitable development of the nation .

Words to be learn from the story above:

1. predicament
2. indolent
3. recalcitrant
4. pugnacious
5. skirmishes
6. heinous
7. bridle

Author: The post is contributed by Simrat Singh.
Note: the purpose of this post is to highlight the Contextual use of words through story writing. Words here are being used in contexts to help everyone understand usage and meaning.

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