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There are some marks in life that just cannot be removed. There are some memories that cannot be forgotten. And there are some scars that cannot be erased. Each of these is indelible, something that cannot be removed or erased. Just like the mark of vermillion placed on the forehead of the women here:

The dictionary definitions for Indelible are as follows:

1.  Making marks that cannot be erased, removed. (adjective)

2.  That cannot be eliminated, forgotten, changed.  (adjective)

Origin of the word Indelible:

The word indelible comes from Latin Roots. It’s the combination of the prefix ‘in’ (which means ‘no’ and acts as a negation here) with the root word ‘delebilis’, which means “may be blotted out”. The modern day conversion of the word root ‘delebilis’ gives us the English word ‘Delible’, meaning capable of being deleted. When combined with ‘in’, it obviously leads us the meaning of the word under consideration.

Another common word from the same origin is delete, which means to destroy, abolish or eradicate.

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