Picture for IndifferenceIndifference (noun) is the trait of lacking interest or enthusiasm in things. When you feel indifference for something, you neither like it nor dislike it.

Pronunciation: in-dif-er-uh ns

Origin of Indifference: First known use of indifference was in 15th century.

Dictionary Meanings of Indifference

1. Lack of interest, concern, or sympathy
2.the quality, state, or fact of being indifferent

Master’s Tip to Learn Indifference

The word indifference can be split into – IN meaning “not” and DIFFERENCE, which fundamentally means something that is not different from the rest. And the things that are alike and not different will cause a lack of interest, concern, or sympathy because one will eventually get bored.

Sentence Examples:

1. The report illustrates why so many business leaders are increasingly alarmed by the worsening situation and why the government’s indifference is so frustrating.
2. Many Syrians, meanwhile, are angered by what they perceive as U.S. indifference to their suffering.
3. “Both security forces and their opponents are showing callous indifference to human life.”
4. After initial indifference, Mr Obama has also warmed to trade.
5. Children in China are constantly exposed in large numbers, and that not owing to poverty, but from indifference to the female children.
6. Was the food good, bad, or indifferent?(adj)

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