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picture vocabulary for indiscriminatePerhaps, living in India where discrimination in terms of caste and sex does not happen will be a dream forever. Why can’t we be happy and be indiscriminate when it comes to things like these. Perhaps we have forgotten that indiscriminate word exists in the dictionary.

Word Origin:
Its first known usage dates back to 1590-1600 and has originated from the combination of two words ‘in’ and ‘discriminate’. In is a prefix, but is also used as a verb formative with something intensive and discriminate means to tell apart or to differentiate. It is an adjective.

Pronunciation: in-di-skrimuh-nit

The dictionary definition for indiscriminate are as follows:
1) Lacking in judgement to differentiate
2)  Inconsiderate/thoughtless/chaotic
3) Not mixed well/haphazard/jumbled

Master tip to learn indiscriminate:
With indiscriminate it should be easy to invoke the picture of riots that take place around the world in the name of caste and gender. When this image comes to your mind think of the nicer world that you want to live in and you will realise that being indiscriminate in this case will be much better.

Indiscriminate can be used in following ways:
1) He is very indiscriminate when it comes to choosing friends; it is not always very good. (Adjective)
2) He was convicted for indiscriminate murders of several women. (Adjective)
3) His painting was nothing, but indiscriminate mixture of objects painted in black and white. (Adjective)
4) His indiscriminateness in choosing friends landed him in a soup. (Noun)
5) One should be indiscriminate with people when it comes to maintaining peace. (Adjective)
6) He indiscriminately murdered his family members. (Adverb)

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