Picture for InevitableInevitable is an adjective and is used for something that is impossible to avoid or run away from and is bound to happen. It was first used back around 1400 and has been derived from the Latin word inēvītābilis.

Pronunciation: in-ev-i-tuh-buhl

Meanings of Inevitable

1. Impossible to avoid or to prevent.
2. Bound to come.
3. Invariably occurring or appearing; predictable.

Master’s Tip to Learn Inevitable

‘Inevitable’ sounds like INVITE + ABLE. Now something that is invited is bound to come and then cannot be avoided once it has been invited hence it becomes ‘Inevitable’.

Sentence examples for Inevitable:

1. Getting wet is inevitable if you are going to try to give your dog a bath.
2.With the personal genomics trend continuing to accelerate, this wasperhaps an inevitable development.
3. it was perhaps an inevitable development.

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