Infraction is a noun. It is used breach or violation. Infraction is usually used for a crime even less serious than felony.
It was first used in 1461 and has been derived from the Latin word infractionem.

Pronunciation: in-frak-shuhn

Meanings of Infraction

1. The act of breaking or violating a law, a pledge, a contract, or an agreement.
2. A crime less serious than a felony.

Master’s Tip to Learn Infraction

Picture for InfractionConsider a situation where a football player accidently kicks someone and as a result his leg is ‘FRACtured’. This can be considered as a violation but not a crime. This can be easily used to learn the word ‘Infraction’.

Sentence examples for Infraction:

1. Speeding is only a minor infraction, but vehicular homicide is a serious felony
2. She came off as unapologetic and defiant, apologizing only belatedly foreach infraction.
3. The judge rules that his actions could be considered only a minor infraction of the rules and not a major crime.

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