picture vocabulary for interminableDiscussions on the paradoxes such as which came first, the egg or the hen are interminable. So endless, that sometimes these discussions tend to end in nonsensical conclusions. It is an adjective.

Pronunciation: in-tur-muh-nuh-buhl

Dictionary meanings for interminable are as follows:
1) Something that cannot be ended.
2) Something that is boringly never-ending/unceasing.
3) Limits that cannot be defined or something having no boundaries

Master tip to learn interminable:
The word interminable suddenly brings to mind the picture of an airport because airport has a terminal and terminal rhymes with the word interminable and also its antonym terminable. Of course, all the three words mean different things.

Interminable can be used in the following ways:
1) The interminable discussion of morning was the reason that people were sleeping for the rest of the day . (Adjective)
2) The interminableness of the rain caused many damage to life and property. (Noun)
3) The symposium as interminably boring. (Adverb)
4) Interminable rains is the characteristic of North Indian rains. (Adjective).

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