Why Intern @ Wordpandit?

The biggest question that should come to anyone’s mind is why should one intern @ Wordpandit? Well, there are a few simple reasons:

  • Work with words and trust us, a lot of words!
  • Help build a community of learners
  • Get valuable work experience by working on a live project
  • Chance to innovate and let your creative side shine
  • Build your skills in the domain you select
  • Get valuable feedback and suggestions for improvements
  • Chance to work with an innovative bunch of people passionate about education..:)
  • The biggest of them all: learn all along the way

These are just some of the reasons why one should intern with Wordpandit. Plus one additional benefit: you will get a certificate! All this should motivate you enough to dig into some heavy vocabulary and language related work.

Please Note: Our internships do not involve any monetary considerations.

Internship Mode: Online

You can join us as an online intern and work from home. An intern would be required to work around an hour everyday and actively correspond with his team lead.
Internship Requirement: Will to work!
Internship duration: 16 Weeks

How to Apply?

STEP-1: Select your domain of work (given below).
STEP-2: Mail us your application on intern@wordpandit , along with your resume and samples of any previous work (must for graphic design). In case you have any doubts, write to us on intern@wordpandit.com
STEP-3: Kindly mention in your application the amount of time you can spare per week for your assigned tasks. Since Wordpandit is an open source community, there is no compulsion on anyone. We just require regular work and communication.
STEP-4: We will get in touch with you. You will be required to fill an online form to complete your application.
STEP-5: A telephonic interview will be conducted at a mutually suitable time.
STEP-6: Make sure you read all the details on this page and check out the individual requirements of all domains. Apply only if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Internship Domains

Domain-1: Content Writing/Editing

In this domain, you can pick from the multiple areas available. You can opt for any of these content writing areas.

Vocabulary Content Writing

Requirements: Good Command of the language/Deep Interest in the Language.
Role: Work on Word Articles for Wordpandit’s Vocabulary sections.

Test Prep Content Writing

Requirements: Proficient in competitive exam English/Maths.
Role: Work on various test prep sections of Wordpandit. Essentially, this role involves a lot of test solving and editing. So in case you are preparing for any exam, such as CAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, Bank PO, SSC or CDS, you can assist us in this role.

General Knowledge Content Writing

Requirements: Interest in Current Affairs and World Events.
Role: Work on Current Affairs/Static GK content and tests.

Language Editing

Requirements: Have the knack to spot Grammar and Language errors. Good Command of the English language is a must.
Role: Checking and improving existing Wordpandit content.

Domain-2: Social Media Marketing

The one thing that every brand needs in this time and age is to connect with its audience. And what better way to do it than connecting with people on Social Media? Considering the multiplicity of platforms and the important of social media marketing, it is important for all budding marketers to try their hands at this. We offer one such chance to you.

Number of Openings: 4
Requirements: Quick thinking skills and basic understanding of social networking.

Domain-3: Graphic Design

The one thing about Wordpandit which is easy to figure out is the heavy emphasis on Graphics and Visuals. We strongly believe in visual method of learning and harnessing the power of design for education. In case you are interested in the same, we would love you to be a part of the team.

Number of Openings: 2
Requirements: Proficient in Photoshop/illustrator.

You are required to send in your portfolio or some samples of your design work along with your application.

Domain-4: CAT-2017 Internship

This is one of its kind internship option for students preparing for CAT. This is where you work as well as learn at the same time. How is this possible? Well, you receive personal mentorship from Wordpandit for your CAT preparation and get complete guidance for CAT Verbal Ability (absolutely free of cost). What do you need to do in return? You need to work on aptitude-related content (mostly tests and articles related to CAT preparation). In fact, most of the work you do will aid you in your preparation. Isn’t this the best?

Number of Openings: 20
Requirements: You need to be a serious CAT aspirant.

This internship program includes sessions on Facebook groups and we will only be taking serious candidates on board. The application process for this particular internship is open from 22nd March, 2017 to 7th April, 2017. Once we have selected the students, this particular internship will be closed for this year.

Complete details for this program on this page.

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