Picture for InternecineThe word Internecine is an adjective and is used for something that is characterized by great slaughter or bloodshed and carnage for both sides.
The first known usage of Internecine was back in 1663 and it has been derived from the Latin word internecinus.

Pronunciation: in-ter-nee-seen

Meanings of Internecine

1. Characterized by bloodshed or carnage.
2. Damaging and injuring the participants on both sides of a conflict or struggle.
3. Of, relating to, or involving conflict within a group.

Master’s Tip to Learn Internecine

The word Internecine can be thought of as a combination the words “INTERNEt + CINEma’. Nowadays both Internet and Cinema shows a lot of bloodshed therefore this can be used to learn the meaning of the word Internecine.

Sentence examples for Internecine:

1. Theirs is a political party that has suffered because of bitter internecine rivalries
2. Many years have passed since the internecine war.
3. It seems as if the internecine strife between the Shia and Sunni sects has now been going on forever.

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