picture for intrinsicThe word ‘Intrinsic’ is an adjective and it is something that is essential to the nature of an object or idea. It was first used back in 1635 and has been derived from the Medieval Latin word intrinsecus.

Pronunciation: in-trin-sik

Meanings of Intrinsic

1. Belonging to the essential nature or constitution of a thing.
2. Originating or due to causes within a body, organ, or part.

Master’s Tip to Learn Intrinsic

In electronics and chemistry we hear about intrinsic bonds, which mean that they are built-in and extrinsic bonds where something extra has to be added. Hence this can be related to learn the meaning of ‘Intrinsic’.

Sentence examples for Intrinsic:

1. Given the huge costs and intrinsic difficulty for interstellar travel, yes.
2. The intrinsic nature of their friendship could not be described.
3. Someone once said that creativity is intrinsic to human nature.

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