Picture for IrascibleIrascible are those people who become extremely angry at even the slightest of mistakes. If you’re irascible, you get angry easily — perhaps blowing up in rage when someone brushes into you. Irascible comes from the Latin root ira, which means “anger” or “rage,” the same root that gives us the word ire, “anger.”

Pronunciation: ih-ras-uh-buhl

Meanings of Irascible

1. A teacher or educator
2. A pedantic or dogmatic teacher

Master’s Tip to Learn Irascible

If you’re looking for a fight most of the time, then you’re irascible — ready for the spark that’s going to set you on fire. And we are all surrounded by such fellow, who are ready to fight anytime and all the time. So next time when you see someone is in angry mood, say to him WHY SO IRASCIBLE HUH?

Sentence Examples for Irascible:

1. Irascible doctor who is offended by his presence beats him to within an inch of his life.
2. Irascible editor of the creative people’s website.
3. He’s an irascible old codger, and usually spot on in his pronouncements.
4. Guilt can be an irascible devil when it comes to eating.

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