Picture for Irrational‘Irrational’ is an adjective and it used for someone who is incapable of logical thought or reasoning. It was first used in 1470 and has been derived from the Latin word irratiōnālis.

Pronunciation: ih-rash-uh-nl

Meanings of Irrational

1. Not endowed with reason.
2. Unsound, illogical, unreasonable, not based on reality, nonsensical, foolish.
3. Affected by loss of usual or normal mental clarity; incoherent, as from a shock.

Master’s Tip to Learn Irrational

‘Irrational’ is pretty easy to remember as it can be broken down into ‘Ir + rational’ which would mean something that is not rational.

Sentence examples for Irrational:

1. His father became more irrational as his fever got worse.
2. Some politicians become irrational in the way they spend and waste money.
3. Rajesh tends to be more irrational every day as a result of her demented condition.

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