Picture for JubilantThe word ‘Jubilant’ is an adjective and it means to show great joy or satisfaction usually because of some good news or triumph.
The word originated in 1660 from the Latin word jūbilant.

Pronunciation: joo-buh-luhnt

Meanings of Jubilant

1. Expressing joy.
2. Exultingly joyful.

Master’s Tip to Learn Jubilant

The word ‘Jubilant’ can be thought of as ‘joy without end’ as a jubilant person shows extreme joy and therefore this can used to remember the meaning of the word ‘Jubilant’.

Sentence examples for Jubilant:

1. She broke into the midst of it with a fragment of some triumphant, jubilant melody.
2. The nominee gave a jubilant acceptance speech before the cheering crowd.

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