picture vocabulary for lacerationMost self-laceration is more noisy than painful- Mason Cooley.
Dwell on this quote for some time and see if you get its subtext.

Pronunciation :las-uh-rey-shuhn

Meanings of Laceration:

1. To tear (the flesh, etc) jaggedly
2. To hurt or harrow (the feelings, etc)
3. Having edges that are jagged or torn;

Master’s tip to learn the word:

The word can be thought of as LASER-ation , that is the use of LASER and when laser action is performed on our body it is expected to cause some damage like a cut or a wound. This is how laceration can be linked to its meaning of being torn or hurt.

Sentence Examples for Lacerations:

1. One of them slipped and fell 20 ‘ breaking his arm and sustaining facial lacerations.
2. The cause of death, the medical examiner’s office said, was a liver laceration caused by blunt trauma to the torso.
3. He dropped the angle grinder onto his ankle causing a severe laceration.
4. I’ve got multiple lacerations on my head from all the glass ceilings i broke on my way up!

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