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Ab koi laaparvah,beparvaah aur bevakoof hi hoga jo shaving cream ko toothpaste samaj lega!
This person fits perfectly in the lazy and careless category or Lackadaisical and those of you who think this could happen to anybody, I’ve got bad news for you because it doesn’t!

Pronunciation: lak-uh-dey-zi-kuhl

Meanings of Lackadaisical:

1. Lacking interest
2. Lazy or careless

Sentence Examples for Lackadaisical

1. Many telecom companies provide lackadaisical and dissatisfactory customer support .
2. His lackadaisical ways of leading his life will not take him very far.
3. There’s a lot of difference between having fun and being lackadaisical.

Synonyms- apathetic, enervated, withdrawn, indolent

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