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mnemonic tip for laconicMnemonic Aid to Learn Laconic:

A simple breakdown:
Laconic: Lack a tonic

How exactly do you lack this tonic?
Well, in your speech and thus you use your words very sparingly and carefully.

In general, we find such people all the time. They might even come across as rude at times but I guess it is simply in their nature to be precise and cut the crap out of all conversations. Imagine if the world consisted only of such human beings, well we would have no gossip, all to the point factual stuff would float around us. That would be a dreary life!

Meaning of Laconic:

1. Using or marked by the use of few words; terse or concise.

Pronunciation: luh-kon-ik

Sentence Examples for Laconic:

1. Guys proposing to girls should be ready for a laconic response.
2. Teachers with laconic tendencies can be quite hard to understand.
3. He is in the habit of giving to the point and laconic replies.

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