Picture for LatentThe word ‘Latent’ is an adjective that is used for something that may be existing but is not presently active. It is an adjective.
It was first used in the 15th century from the Latin word latens.

Pronunciation: leyt-nt

Meanings of Latent

1. Potentially existing but not presently evident or realized.
2. Dormant or undeveloped but able to develop normally under suitable conditions; as, latent ability.
3. Present in the unconscious but not consciously expressed.

Master’s Tip to Learn Latent

‘Latent’ can be rearranged to form the ‘Talent’. Now, many people have potential talent but they do not realize it as they may be busy in something else or may have never given that thing a shot. Therefore their talent can be thought of as ‘Latent’.

Sentence examples for Latent:

1. He has a latent talent for acting that he hasn’t had a chance to express yet.
2. But the latent heat of fusion would be close to pure water.

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